Usva by Terhen

Usva by Terhen is a comprehensive licensable wellness concept based on a strong brand and high-quality service model. With the license, you gain access to a ready-made service model and related products and tools, such as website and booking system.

A ready-made concept

A comprehensive licensing package encompasses everything from branding and architectural design to staff training. You can opt for the entire suite or just the service model and products. It includes essential elements like textiles, ecologically certified natural cosmetics made in Finland, and vital tools such as websites and booking systems.

Additionally, we provide key elements for creating a unique spatial experience, such as a signature scent and bespoke sound design. Seasonally updated content and robust marketing support from our strong brand are integral to ensuring business success.

The Usva by Terhen license offers a turnkey concept suitable for a range of enterprises, including hotel spa departments, public saunas, and the broader hospitality industry. If you're interested in incorporating Finnish well-being and sauna culture into your business, we invite you to contact us to explore the extensive opportunities available.

Strong brand, ready-made service model, products, marketing support, necessary tools, and expert guidance.

For businesses looking to utilize Finnish well-being and sauna culture in their operations.

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