Age-old well-being from Finland

Terhen was born from the passion to keep the unique Finnish sauna tradition alive and to bring natural well-being to people’s everyday lives around the world.

Balanced Living

For centuries, the Finnish sauna has been a cornerstone of well-being and everyday balance, possibly contributing to Finland being ranked as the world's happiest nation for the seventh time. Sauna bathing is a holistic practice, promoting preventative and revitalizing self-care. While traditions provide a solid foundation and roots to build upon, they require nurturing, adaptation, and rejuvenation to remain relevant in modern times. Terhen embodies a profound respect for traditional Finnish health practices. We believe in the unity of mind, body, and spirit, embracing the healing power of beauty. Terhen celebrates this harmony through every sauna experience and related practice.

The name Terhen is inspired by the Finnish Kalevala epic, where Udutar, also known as Terhenneiti, embodies the Maiden of Mist. In ancient lore, "terhen" signifies mist, haze, or fog. Terhenneiti is portrayed as a goddess of oblivion and enchantment, gracefully moving through the swirling mist.

Sauna Culture

The sauna holds an exceptional position in Finnish culture, being integral to relaxation, togetherness, and overall well-being. In Finnish culture, the sauna is an inclusive environment for everyone, intertwined with the rhythm of the seasons, daily life, and celebrations. It is a sacred place, an integral part of Finnish identity, whether we actively partake in sauna sessions or not. Our sauna culture is permissive, prioritizing being present in the moment and listening to oneself above all else.

The Finnish sauna culture is inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on 2020.

Sauna Therapy 

Terhi Ruutu founded Terhen in 2021, bringing with her a background in international marketing and concept design. Additionally, she is a certified sauna therapist, masseuse, and author. The Terhen concept draws inspiration from Terhi's book "Sauna Therapy – Recipes for Well-being".

Sauna Therapy book focuses on the unique health benefits of the sauna culture and revives the ancient tradition of treatments. All senses are nourished by the treatments included in the book. They combine Finnish traditional know-how and aesthetics. Instructions for the sauna treatments inspire us to try out the different baths, wraps and herbal treatments using a variety of pure ingredients. With Sauna Therapy, enjoying a sauna becomes part of your overall well-being.

"Studying sauna therapy, I realized the incredible potential of saunas to enhance well-being and balance daily life. Like the early 2000s yoga boom, sauna wellness can become a major global trend. The sauna industry has significant growth potential, and I am excited about the innovations and entrepreneurship emerging in the field. Through Terhen Agency consulting, my goal is to support and coach all stakeholders in the sauna industry to succeed.” - Terhi

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